Private Garden Project, Elwood, VIC

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Private Domestic Landscape Project

Brief: To restore and enhance overgrown traditional garden and create open space

Materials: Bluestone edging, exposed aggregate pathways, buffalo lawn, established plants

Design Solutions:

  • We were presented with an overgrown garden that was not accessible to the family living there.
  • Our first job was to clear existing weeds and vegetation and decide which established trees to keep and incorporate into new design (Wish we took before shots!!).
  • Our design incorporated a large area of turf to create an open play space for this family.
  • We excavated the site to ensure the entire area was the same level and did not have any steps or level changes to increase the “flow” through the property.
  • Edges were built from bluestone blocks and an exposed aggregate pathway provided access through the garden.
  • The plants brought in were selected to complement the existing established trees and to provide a new and vibrant feel to the garden.
  • Date Published: 12/11/2014
  • Categories: Case Studies

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